simedarbylogo "After attending the Ice berg class, I suddenly see into to my FIRE, my CORE VALUES, my INNER POTENTIAL, that is burning deep down in the lowest layer of the Iceberg.
I know good things that is going to happen soon, as my energy is in inside out, and I feel in to my confidence level is rising up, breaking through every layers, shooting up to the top of the Iceberg!"

Christina Kwan
Sime Darby Berhad

"I learn many useful features through this training, it suits my current role. Trainer offers practical tips and ideas throughout the training."

Sulyatisalwa Shaifuddin
Nestle Malaysia


sunwaylogo "I am pleased to meet up with your team. It certainly opened my eyes, giving me more ideas on how to further improve my work."

Serena Pang
Sunway Group

"I love to attend training arranged by Bryan. The training is very useful and practical to my work. I will continue to look for other programs by Bryan. Thanks"

Sara Goh
HP Malaysia


GADANG2 "From Bryan's leadership and corrective feedback class, I learn to enhance teamwork effectively. Bryan is very knowledgeable in the subject matters."

Chin Whai Ling
Gadang Holdings Berhad

"This program enhances my ability to apply skills and knowledge gained. The whole program is full with funs and interesting ideas. Bryan's delivery is very impressive and engaging."

Patrick Sha
Unique Conversion Sdn Bhd