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Effective Presentation for Results
5E in People Management
Communication Skills   The Emerging Leaders
Transform to Perform for Finance Leaders
Effective Conflict Management  Leadership in Actions
Effective Corrective Feedback & Coaching
Effective Influencing Skills  Emotion Management @ Work
Personal Effectiveness   THE NEW EMERGING TEAM
Leadership & Change Management
Building High Performance Team

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    Leadership Transformation

    Engaged by many overseas organizations, our programs incorporate Satir's positive directional approach in shifting the mindset of an individual and allow the participants to reflect on themselves through fun activities using powerful experiential learning techniques.


    Speak to Influence

    Be an excellent communicator to influence, persuade and motivate your team towards set goals. It aims to help you uncover what is stopping you from communicating effectively and the tips and tricks to communicate, present and eventually influence others to follow.

    Our Training Programs

    self leadership

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    The Garden: Commitment towards Professional Success... more
    The Iceberg: Be in Charge of Your Emotion... more
    Transform to Perform for Finance Leaders... more

    self leadership

    Leadership & Corrective Feedback...more
    5E for People Management... more
    Leadership in Action... more
    The Bridge: Effective Communication Skill... more
    Effective Influencing Skill... more

    self leadership

    Leadership & Change Management...more
    Leadership & Breakthrough Thinking... more
    Leadership & Conflict Management...more
    Leadership In Inter-Department Collaboration..more
    Leadership & Team Development...

    self leadership

    BES Teenager Program....more
    1 to 1 Leadership Coaching Program... more
    Team Leadership Coaching Program... more
    Effective Presentation for Effective Results… more