Training - In House/Public/Key Talent Development

Intended to do In House training but how? Having difficulty to select quality workshop?

My In House or Public training is focused on ‘energizing skills’ by providing skills needed to deal with people management, leadership, mindset challenges. I have developed all my training with my vast industry experience which help to ensure my training provides clear, up-to-date and relevant guidance. I have also recently concluded a workshop for a well established automotive manufacturer in China whereby I share my experience and knowledge with their management team to improve current company performance. With my wealth of leadership experience, I aim to be the most successful sought after trainer, with new and innovative training and services within the industry.

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Retreat / Indoor Team Building

No teamwork among your team? Internal communication breakdown? 

Throughout my many years of training experience, I realized that indoor team building events are a great way to develop relationships, improve dynamics, and strengthen the sense of company identity among your team members. It adds spice to your company meeting, and turns your executive retreat into a memorable experience, regardless of the weather. I offer a huge range of fantastic indoor team building activities to suit all group sizes, group profiles, aims and objectives. My training aims to provide high quality, vibrant and exciting Indoor Team Building and Indoor Events to help develop Teamwork and Team Bonding. Each indoor teambuilding event is tailor made to meet the clients’ requirement.

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Individual & Group Coaching

Learn and forget? Not applicable at work? Have you been wondering what type of coaching is best for you?

Your answer is here. My secret weapon in coaching and mentoring lead my participants to the level of “transform to perform”. With individual coaching or group coaching after the training session, this is a level of training transfer whereby it makes me a unique trainer who put in extra effort to ensure my training is highly applicable to my participants even after the training. My team continuous support is always available to assure productive teaching and learning session.

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Train The Trainer (TTT) 

Do not have standard in training courses? Lack of interest? Unclear training purpose?

With many years of hands-on experience in Train The Trainer (TTT) training program, I have implemented an effective learning transfer system to help my clients to build up a strong training team. During my TTT program, training session is not limited to only training skills yet including training transfer – Acquire and Apply knowledge learned at work. My TTT program aims to assist participants acknowledge and solve on job problems whereby directly reduce training cost, build up role model that helps to maximize organization's success while minimizing failure from time to time, increase competent communication skills among departments as well as different seniority to boost up company succession plan and impose new courses to transform knowledge into management skills / system.


Training Program Development 

How to overcome service discrepancy? Internal sales training is given, but sales figure does not increase?

It is now a common trend for many fast growing organization facing the problem of talent shortage especially on management level including, decision maker, upper management, back-up team as well as management trainee. With course efficiency as principle, I spare extra effort to understand clients’ nature of business, culture and product. I develop and customize trainings including product sales, marketing communication, people management, customer service as well as personal skills. With my training, I assist my clients or their organizations to effectively transfer learning / knowledge to form a standard procedure through succession planning based on past experience. At the same time I help to establish a resourceful corporate management backbone with a powerful team of management talents. Through this product development training, it serves as a platform to convey message on past experience, to setup role model as well as nurturing staff behavior. I stay close with participants to understand on job environment to increase possibility for participants to fully absorb skills that are imposed in the training for better learning result.

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Professional Consultation Services

Is this the best we can do? How to improve from current status? 

My team provides on-site professional consultancy services that meet corporate clients’ specific needs. Our package includes needs assessments, implementation protocols, and climate surveys to determine the current and ongoing progress of an organization improvement plan. We provide summary reports for each assessment that may be used to document implementation for future improvement / growth.

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