The Iceberg: Be in Charge of Your Emotion

malaysia Iceberg

On 30 August, I completed a self-leadership class “The Iceberg: Be in Charge of Your Emotion”. This class is a turning point for participants to stay “cool & calm” while analyzing as well as managing own emotion for self-improvement as well as job productivity. At the end of this training, participants were equipped with 7 effective ways to manage emotion !

It is well understood that leadership is not easy, especially under pressure. Usual tasks, conversations and decisions that seem straightforward suddenly become difficult when pressure increases. With my customized course content and experience sharing during the class, participants understand how brain works as well as understand what “Feeling” is telling them.

I shared with participants how to go beyond the surface of iceberg to understand the deeper meaning of emotion. By using experiential learning models which gel in with Satir’s Mandala approach to stimulate participants’ mind, the class was conducted in a very interesting and learning transfer delivery methodology.

As a committed trainer, I put in extra effort to come out with various activities to ensure better understanding is achieved during his classes. I believe that emotion changes how brain functions, changes someone’s ability to think and decision making. It also changes the ability to connect with others in a meaningful way.