Effective Influence and Performance Improvement

Effective Influence

Upon popular demand from clients, Albert and me have been actively doing this topic as public training for the past few years. Currently, we were engaged to conduct the said training as an in-house program in China for Sumitomo Corporation.

On 24-26 June, all participants were given chances to discuss and share their problems at work as a team leader or subordinate. They learned not only how to deal with problems but also techniques to get along with subordinate as well as superior.

In term of delivery methodology, we applied our technical skills in Powerpoint to produce attractive visual aids (animation, interactive chart, and video) for presentation. We also ensured all participants joined our activities such as role play, group discussion, experience sharing as well as problem solving.

Effective Influence

This training provided a platform for participants to identify human behaviours, their strength as well as weaknesses. It gave participants a place to understand how influencing skills play a part in daily work.