What types of programs I conduct?

I conduct various practical soft skills training including leadership management, mindset organization, effective communication as well as individual or group coaching. Other than training courses, i have been engaging by many organizations to provide professional consultation services. My training course is not the same as any leadership program in the market. All of my courses come with very engaging hands-on activities with test proven teaching and learning methodology that are one-of-its kind in local as well as international market.

As all my courses are designed and conducted by practitioners who have worked many years in the corporate world in various key people management and reporting roles, my courses are focusing on "Application”. That is how to apply the learning to solve the challenges one is facing at work. My courses are very relevant, practical and many participants feel that it is a ‘you understand my frustration’ course. The courses are designed with participant’s real life challenges in mind. My trainers will tap into their past corporate experience to share and help participant to understand how to apply the solution back at work. My courses not only focus on learning the individual leadership but also how to creatively stimulate mindset to pre-empt the day-to-day communication challenges that allow win-win situation to all parties. Get rid of Communication Barriers TODAY through successful leadership training and coaching! --MORE--

What makes my trainings unqiue and special?

Recognized as an international speaker who is specializing in coaching new and emerging managers, I conduct training in Malaysia, China, USA, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.  The medium of my training consists of English, Mandarin and Cantonese depends on clients' requirement.  I worked hand in hand with CEOs in developing training modules and projects to develop and coach employees that have been ear marked as the next generation managers. I have created excellent breakthrough results within a short period of time. Some of the projects have received excellent feedback and results - among them is the leadership programs conducted for one of the leading local banks and another from an established telecommunication company in Malaysia. I have been travelling frequently to China, conducting Leadership Program for one of the biggest Home Appliances, every year since 2008. People who have attended my trainings, finds my training easy to understand, systematic and practical. I advocate practical, fun and smart learning throughout my training --MORE--

What is next after completing leadership program?

Learning does not stop here. With my trainings, it is a continuous learning session from time to time. I provide individual or group coaching follow by professional consultantion services. My customized experiential learning is ready to guide you through your work as well as life challenges. I work hand-in-hand to explore, identify, analyze and solve your issues. My courses help you to develop vision, goal-setting, and team-building. It also gives you feedback on your leadership skills to bring you to the next level of people management. --MORE--

Do you offer public and inhouse program?

Yes, I offer both public and in house training. For public training, you can refer to my training calendar.

For in house I can customise the content to fit your need. Drop us an email.

How do I register?

I have appointed Applied Tech as the sole marketer for all programs. Applied Tech works very closely with me by giving full support in marketing all my courses. And in return, Applied Tech monitors the quality and endorse programs organised by me.

For online registration, please click registration form