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Aug 7-8, 2015: We had successfully completed another leadership in house training last week. This training was conducted by our Lead Trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng who coupled with strong Psychology + Management experience. As a very hands-on trainer, people who attended his training find his training was easy to understand, systematic and practical.  He advocated practical, fun and smart learning throughout his training.

In this customized training specially dedicated to IT personnel from different countries, participants learned to understand the right mindset a new edge IT manager need to possess. Besides that, they also learned how to manage people by matching the style to each situation.


“Group activities”

Mr. Bryan came out with various relevant challenges and exercises to involve all participants’ participation. Different sessions on role play allowed participants to experience and practice various techniques to create Win-Win Communication. Through different challenging tasks and activities, participants learned to tackle various situation in Communication. 


“Group photo after training”

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