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(For Finance) Transform to Perform for Finance Leaders

Dec 3-4, 2014: Many people asked me this, “Bryan, you know, there are so many people out there are taking over our Finance role eventhough they are not accountant by nature. Where are we now?” It enlightened me and realized being a good Finance Person is no longer sufficient, it is now an era that finance person to go beyond than a number cruncher. By understanding the need, I developed this course aligned with real-life scenario I faced during my corporate working life. My aim was to provide a platform for Finance Leader to transform and perform more than a ‘Watch Dog”.

Transform to Perform For Finance Leader1

“My newly groomed consultation team”

From my training, they learnt to communicate a climate of trust, which encourages openness, the willingness to change and learn, as well as commitment to the plans. One of my critical thinking activities was to provide consultation to “customers”. Participants were grouped into 2 persons per group and discussed the challenges given as consultant and client.

Transform to Perform For Finance Leader2

“Powerful debate scene”

What makes a good leader? The answer varies widely depending on who you ask. Therefore, in this training, I established a compelling direction to participants to align people and groups, inspire and motivate them as well as their team member to achieve organisational goals.

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