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Transform to Perform for Finance Leaders

Oct 21-22, 2015: Being a good Finance Person was no longer sufficient; it was now the era that finance person to go beyond than a number cruncher. By understanding the need, we developed this course aligned with real-life scenario most finance leaders faced during their corporate working life.


From this training, participants learned to communicate a climate of trust, which encourages openness, the willingness to change and learn, as well as commitment to the plans. The most interesting part of this training was the “Critical Thinking Activity”. Participants took up the role as consultant as well as customer.  In this training, our trainer established a compelling direction to participants to align people and groups, inspire and motivate them as well as their team member to achieve organizational goals.


This training was conducted by one of our experienced trainer Mr. Bryan Ng, who had a wide-ranging in management, psychology as well as financial knowledge. His diverse experience made his training unique and well received by the participants. The participants found his class very lively and cheerful. He put in extra effort to ensure participants enjoyed the training whilst gaining the knowledge.

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