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The Iceberg: Be In Charge of Your Emotion

MAR 14, 2015: Last Saturday we have ended an emotion management training. This leading self training is a continuation training from “The Garden: Commitment towards Professional Success.”

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“Discussion + Reflection on Ladder of Inference”

Unlike other leadership training, this training emphasizes on how to unlock inner potential of a person through listen, understand and transform the emotion, the change from inside. Participants were trained on how to use the “brain” to guide the “heart” as well as understand how “emotion hijack” impacts every individual. From iceberg, he linked the learning to 4 major coping style: Placater, Blamer, Super Reasonable, Irrelevance. He explained lively how each person’s yearning, expectation, perception, feeling and coping style affect the behavior and reaction.

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“Participants’ sharing: Unlearn before we can LEARN”

Throughout the training, our Lead Trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng, an international trainer that equipped with psychology + management background shared his knowledge and findings on the uniqueness of each individual in terms of their Iceberg and ways to overcome weaknesses forced under each coping style. His training approaches on sharing real life example, reflection and challenges have made the class very interesting and practical to achieve learning transfer and participants can apply the learning in their real life.

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