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The Garden: Commitment Towards Professional Success (Mar 19, 2016)

Mar 19, 2016: Another successful Mandarin class we had completed in our training centre.  This mindset training is the first step to personal effectiveness leadership training. In this training, participants learned about Johari Window and core quality. Besides, trainer also shared the importance of professionalism, responsibility and respect at workplace and individual life.


This training was conducted in a casual and safe learning environment. Participants asked many questions and shared the obstacles they faced at work. The training was filled with fun and participants walked out from the training happily.



"Participant undergoing one of the class activities "

The course trainer, Mr Bryan Ng is an international speaker, specializing in coaching new and emerging managers. He has created excellent breakthrough results within a short period of time.  People who have attended his trainings, finds his training easy to understand, systematic and practical. He advocates practical, fun and smart learning throughout his training.


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