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The Garden: Commitment towards Professional Success

MAR 8, 2015: We have just ended a mindset changed leadership training in our training centre. This lively training is the first step to personal effectiveness leadership training.

With many years of experience in mindset leadership training, our Lead Trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng came out with this course that covers Johari Window - the 4 main quadrats where participants learned the elements to discover unknown potential, how to overcome fear by improving self-worth, the important criteria to gain respect and wisdom for participants to know themselves better as a LEADER.

the garden 1

“Bryan: What follows behind pitfall? - Core quality”

This training was conducted in a casual environment, many questions were from the ground and at the same time participants were encouraged to share their own opinions and obstacles they have as a leader. At the end of the training, Mr. Bryan shared his input with participants on the 2 relevant movies related to this training “What the bleed do we have?” & “The secret”.

the garden 2.jpg

“Participant’s sharing - What is the damage if you don’t know yourself”

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