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The Bridge :- Effective Communication Skill

November 11, 2015: We had successfully re-run one of the most demanded leadership training's in our training centre.  This training was the first step to influencing skills. From this training, participants learned to understand the secret to core communication as well as techniques to leverage on communication to create win-win solutions. Participants learned the golden rule in communication-“Effective Listening Skills” in this training too.


 " Participant's focusing on the trainer's explanation "

The course trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng was an expert trainer with unique and rare combination of management + psychology expertise. His test-proven training developed and coached employees that had been earmarked as the next generation managers and created excellent breakthrough results within a short period of time. He had been engaged actively by local as well as overseas clients from China, Brunei, Singapore, Japan and USA to conduct leadership training.



"Group Activity : Reflective feeling"

In this training, participants had fun through various real-life exercises. At the end of the training, participants learned to handle difficult phrases, good phrases and also signs of closed communication. 

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