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The Bridge: Effective Communication Skills

Jul 28, 2015: We had successfully completed another leadership training last Tuesday. This was one of the topics of our 6 days leadership training. It was recognized that communication skill takes a holistic approach to organization performance. Unfortunately, many professionals were facing difficulty when it came to win-win communication.

In this training, our Lead Trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng with strong Psychology + Management experience built and trained participants on the core competencies a leader needed to achieve effective communication. Besides, participants also learned to be a listener that well equipped with skills of interpretation, understanding as well as “what kills” and “what motivates”. The action phases of communication in day to day conversation were one of the most crucial cores to effective communication that everyone must have. 


“Exciting group discussion and sharing”

In this intensive one day training, trainer incorporated various real-life case studies, videos and role play to test on the common communication failure happened at work place. This training gave participants chances to experience the steps and approaches to communicate effectively with peers and superiors.


“Full concentration during role play”

Our trainer, Mr Bryan is recognized as the leadership keynote trainer and mentor. He has been conducting training for professionals nationally and internationally in transformational leadership for the past 14 years. In all his trainings, he engages experiential learning methodology to support and expose participants on strategies of personal as well as corporate excellence including coaching, leadership skills, communication, team bonding and conflict resolution.

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