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Sumitomo Training- Lab 1, Shanghai China

April 2015: Every participant has fully participated throughout the 2 days. Participants were quite initially, but with the engaging and fun ice breaker, all participants warm up and started to actively participate in the lab.

There was a good mix of participants coming from different background (Sales, Manufacturing, HR, Quality Control, Accounts etc). There were some participants that were more active in the class helping to create lively energy in the classroom while 1 or 2 were more quite. Nevertheless, everyone has actively participant in discussion and activities.

Sumitomo 2

“Ice-breaker Activity”

This program is specially customized for Sumitomo Group where the same training will be run in Shanghai, Shenzhen- China, Sumitomo Singapore and in Europe. Group discussion was created for participants to have chance to exchange their view and realization.Besides sharpening their knowledge and understanding on Sumitomo’s spirit, participants were encouraged to relate the Sumitomo spirits back to their works and life.

Sumitomo 1

“Group sharing: Attentive participants from various background.”

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