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Nov 1, 2014: Are you aware that a recent research has revealed that managers capable of providing effective day-to-day feedback can boost employee engagement with up to 40%?

During the class, I engaged few role play session for participant to experience real-life corrective feedback situation they may face at work. They are requested to give and receive feedback in a constructive manner. I observed each session as an outsider to give a free hand environment to my participants to learn and across the challenges when providing feedback to other party. Malaysian participants are known to be very humble and do not ask questions. However, with my practical learning transfer approach, I guided them to ASK question and make mistakes to ensure 100% understanding of each session I taught during the class. From my training, they learnt to handle and lead the discussion during corrective feedback also unlock the inner potential of a person.


This training encouraged an environment where areas of improvements are openly discussed and work performance is clearly improved. It also introduced principles of informal feedback and provides participants with simple tools to practice it.

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