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(Public Program) Integrating Smart Technology for Results

Dec 17 - 18, 2014: Are you working smart or working hard? Applied Tech People came out with this program “Integrating Smart Technology for Results” to share on how to leverage on the MS office, World, Excel & Powerpoint applications that are used commonly. Why work hard, why not work Smart with Technology!

This program comes with 3 comprehensive modules including:
• Smart Link in Excel
o Integrate different worksheets using Excel functions
• Beyond Basic “Word”
o Explore smart Mail Merge features
• Step up PowerPoint Presentation
o Integrate Excel worksheets, Word with PowerPoint

Our participants will learn how to merge Excel ranges to a Pivot Table, use formula in Pivot Table , how to link chart to PowerPoint slides so that when they update information in Excel at the same time data in PowerPoint is updated as well. With these practical tips, participants will be more efficient at work.

Integrating Smart Technology for Results1 

“Practical challenges to enhance Learning Transfer”

At the end of the course, participants bring back the skills to 1. Leverage with MS Excel to analyze and manage Account Receivables data efficiently 2. Integrating External Data Sources into Excel spreadsheets to perform better credit analysis and credit decision making 3. Analyze and monitor AR portfolio to detect early warning

Integrating Smart Technology for Results2

“A short challenging session – Skills Testing”

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