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Paradigm Shift in Work Performance (Part 1)

Aug 5, 2015: Our Lead trainer, Mr. Bryan had successfully conducted this 1 day leadership training. Mr. Bryan is an international speaker, specializes in coaching new and emerging managers. He has worked hand in hand with CEOs in developing training modules and projects to develop and coach employees that have been earmarked as the next generation managers and created excellent breakthrough results within a short period of time.     

This training was further divided into 2 parts, Part 1 on Leadership & Mindset and Part 2 will be on EQ Management. In Part 1, participants learned about Johari window as well as techniques to gain respect at the same time grow wisdom. Many people faced with difficult when it was related to “Responsibility”. In this training, trainer emphasized on this feature and discussed in depth his own experience and sharing from participants.


“Discussion on Johari Window”

From this training, participants learned to understand the role of leader in commitment towards professional success. Trainer used various case studies, video, exercises and role plays during this training. Participants enjoyed the participation of all sessions

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