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Leadership & Corrective Feedback (7th April, 2017)


April 7th, 2017: Another powerpack and practical training program, Leadership & Corrective Feedback was successfully being completed. This unique training aims at shaping the mindset and skillset of the participants to help them to master the skills on how to effectively give constructive feedback to their staff when something goes wrong.  Something every manager must do constantly at work if the managers really wants to create impactful results at work. Participants came from various background, ranging from hotel industry, FMCG and maritime and oil and gas industry.  


This training helped participants to understand the 5 factors in determining the success of any communications.  It also introduced the importance of informal feedback and provides participants with simple tools to practice it.  During the training, there were role play session for participant to experience real-life corrective feedback situation they may face at work. Participants learnt not just from the trainer but also to share and feedback to each other during the intensive role plays.  The sharing and cross learning makes the training even more fruitful.

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The program was designed with simple to understand 5 steps techniques, fishbowl for demonstration and intensive role play to help internalizing the learning.  Practical tips and enhanced techniques are given in between the role play to further enhance the power of corrective feedback and also giving time to participants so that they can slowly and surely internalize the learning chunk by chunk.  


Our trainer, Mr Bryan has many years of training and corporate experience. His psychology background and international exposure as a trainer allows him to provide a different perspective on how to approach feedbacks with the right attitude and encourages participants to unlock their inner potentials. 

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From not sure, hesitate, till eventually communication with power and empathy, there was significant improvement in mastering the corrective feedback skills.  Despite that it was only a 1 day training, participants were excited and motivated to see their own transformation as a result of attending this training program. 

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