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Leadership Coaching Program

Leadership Coaching Program

Many participants realized the tremendous power of people management skills after attending my training.  However, achieving training performance does not mean creating results in job performance. This is because the moment a participant is back to work, whether they can apply the knowledge and skill learnt is also affected by many other factors such as workload, resource availability, opportunity to practice, supervisor/peer support including organizational culture.

The individual or group coaching aims to bridge the gap.  An effective training will ensure participants learn the relevant knowledge and skill.  However, when they are back at work and faced with a complicated work challenges, they may not be able to immediately recall and link to what they have learnt.  With coaching as a follow up, participants now are guided, on timely, basis on what they are facing.  Participants can choose to sms, email or view a 3-minute quick refresher video to refresh their memory of what they have learnt.  An powerful way to ensure effective learning transfer.

Upon completion, participants were fitted with the skills to begin the next phase or their journey - The practice of Professional Coaching

Leadership Coaching Program1

Last Modified: November 21, 2014 06:15 PM
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