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Leadership and Breakthrough Thinking

Oct 23, 2015: So often we heard stories of “think out of the box”, what if it happened on you, how should you REACT? In this training, participants learned to understand the role of leader in creating breakthrough thinking and converted creative ideas into actionable plan. The gist of this training was to acquire strategies to lead and build on other's ideas to achieve breakthroughs


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                                                                " Breakthrough thinking: Stacking nails activities " 


    " Our 1Malaysia group "

The trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng, an international speaker, specialized in coaching new and emerging managers. He worked hand in hand with CEOs in developed training modules and projects to develop employees that have been earmarked as the next generation managers and created excellent breakthrough results within a short period of time.


At the end of the training participants were able to link breakthrough thinking to business needs and at the same time well equipped with techniques required to allow breakthrough thinking.

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