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Integrating Smart Technology for Results

Oct 19-20, 2015: This training was conducted by our professional trainer, Ms. Joanne Kok for one of the Financial Institution in Malaysia. Ms. Joanne was a certified accountant with diverse experience in the fields of audit, manufacturing, investment holding and training. Having served as a Financial Controller during her career, she honed her managerial, operational and financial analytical skills to achieve goals beyond managing credit, inventory and business processes.


From her training, participants were loaded with many useful techniques to leverage Excel functions to support better management decision making. In this training, participants learned to use Excel to analyze and manage Account Receivables data efficiently as well as integrated External Data Sources into Excel spreadsheets to perform better credit analysis and credit decision making.


Past reviews:


“… a lot of practical tips on how I can be very efficient at my work ….”


“I wanted to learn how to integration for a long time but I could not even find it in books. Joanne guided me step-by-step.  Thank you so much!”


“Content was well designed and it was so practical. Well done team!”

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