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Integrating Smart Technology for Result

Aug 3-4, 2015: Another 1 day practical training on Integrating Smart Technology for Result was successfully completed with various interesting learning. This training was conducted by our trainer, Ms. Joanne Kok. Being an experience trainer, she has frequently been invited to speak locally as well as overseas. Joanne is known of her practical and performance orientated delivery hence enhancing the effectiveness of the learning for participants.


“Trainer’s detailed explanation to participants”

In this training, participants learned how to integrate Ms Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Some of the interesting learning covered including how to integrate external data sources into Excel spreadsheets, cross reference the information from different worksheets, workbooks and websites as well as simple tips to update information in Excel sheet, the information was updated in PowerPoint too.


“Group activities and discussion”

Trainer managed an interactive learning adult learning atmosphere where participants were helping each other to discuss and solve their issues.

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