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(INHOUSE) Understanding and Awareness of Goods and Services Tax (GST) In Malaysia

JAN 27, 2015: GST is only 2 months away - Limited time left! This training not only served as an introduction of GST 2015 but also addressed the grey areas of this new tax system to provide a clear picture to our clients on the GST framework, how does GST work, accounting impact on business and implementation process. This training is an entry program for participants to acquire and understand the key elements of GST and its mechanism.

During this training specially conducted for a Telco company in Malaysia, our trainer, Ms. Joanne Kok discussed the GST impact on price and its importance to utilize company cash flow efficiently. She also emphasized on the types of supply such as standard rated supply, zero rated supply and. Besides, emphasize also given on penalties imposed shall GST compilation as done incorrect. In her training, she shared her strategies to manage taxable period, input tax and output tax so that our clients’ accounting is compliance with GST requirements.


“Countdown to GST Implementation 2015!”

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