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(For Human Resource): Year End Staff Performance Review, Salary Increment & Reward

Nov 17-18, 2014: Year end closes, we understand this is the most crucial time for HR Manager, Departmental Head to conduct annual appraisal. But how to conduct an effective appraisal is always a BIG question to many managers especially for calculation on bonus, increment, promotion or reward. As such, we designed this one-of-its kind training to ease our participants’ hectic workload.

Unleash Year End Staff Performance 1

“Full concentration on discussion”

Instead of solely focusing on theory, our trainer, Sue Lim prepared many relevant challenges and activities to make the class lively as well as ensure participants can apply their learning at work immediately. Besides that, she also shared her experience on how to handle Grey Areas where manager will face during appraisal especially on increment and bonus. How to tabulate a good increment that satisfied both company and employee? In need of handy clues to convey corrective feedback to staff? Sue had the answer.

Unleash Year End Staff Performance 2

“Debate: Trainer vs Participant - who won the sword?”

Some of the important modules we included in this training:
• Latest HRM trends and issues
• Complete guide to conduct annual appraisal from pre to post
• Important skills to communicate improvement to staff effectively
• Tabulation on salary increment, bonus, reward and promotion
• Review and eliminate grey areas when conducting annual appraisal
We received very good feedback from this training as this course has really served as a helping arm for all managers who conduct the annual performance review - the best way !

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