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(For All): Satir's Personal Effectiveness & Growth Model

Dec 6 & 14, 2014: Looking for self-transformation? Frustrated with your reaction towards certain incident? Applied Tech People offered this psychology family therapy training to our participants encourage breaking through on the past, family of origin to understand themselves better. As we believe by knowing ones pitfall will enable them to focus on improving on their core quality. This will ultimately lead to better personal and working life.

The whole training was conducted in a relaxing environment. Participants were also soon understood how the previous experience and experience has influence how we behave and emotion currently. Our trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng used structured facilitation and coaching techniques throughout the class so that participants can see that their contributions are valued, shared and discussed. It provided a chance for participants to reflect and internalise their learning effectively.

Some of the photo taken during training:

satir 1

“Ice breaking”

satir 2

“Portraying family Sculpture”

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