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Executive Talk: Driving Business Result with Financial Strategy (February 24th, 2017)


February 24th, 2017 : Applied Tech People has successfully organized a special 1/2 day Executive Talk: Driving Business Result with Financial Strategy for Decision Makers, Business Owner, Head of Business Unit and Senior Managers who are in Strategic Decision Making for the first time. Participants are very attentive during the talk.  As this class consists of many senior managers and decision makers, they have shared many good experience and asked many insightful questions.  The learning climate was relax but active.  

The speaker for the talk is our international Speaker, Mr Bryan Ng. He possessed a unique combination of Corporate Management experience + Finance + Psychology background that made this training a real interesting.  From account, finance to human mindset and business sense, participants are able to quickly see the connections on the strategic level.  Mr Bryan managed to hold participants’ attention by giving lots of insights, practical tips and various ideas and suggestion on how a key decision makers can leverage on various financial toolkits to strategies & steer the company towards winning especially during this difficult time. A talk that should be missed by any seniors and decision makers. 

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Executive Talk Driving Business Result Financial Strategy Bryan Ng

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