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(Public Program) Everything You Need to Know About GST Malaysia 2015 – An Accounting Guide

Nov 19, 2014: As we all know, GST is approaching, is your accounting record compliance with GST requirements? How to adhere to the complex GST treatment and to get definite answer on how to comply to Malaysian GST.

Because of high demand from our clients, we organized this special GST implementation training that mainly focus on Accounting issues, and it was full house! During the class, there were so many questions to our trainer, Mr. Selvarajah. With his excellent understanding on GST, he came out with a simplified yet powerful table that consists of all necessary information needed to answer participants’ questions and ensure our participant were able to apply his training into real implementation at work.

Everything You Need 1

“Key elements during GST implementation”

In the training, he also shared many grey areas with our participants on what should be aware of and tips to avoid penalty. Towards the end of the class, he also shared various practical tax planning strategies with participants on how to make sure company cash flow is not affected especially regards to cash flow fund required to pay output tax on credit sales. Besides, trainer also share GST challenges and methods to overcome.

Everything You Need 2

“Clear and concise explanation from Mr. Selvarajah”

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