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Enrichment Retreat III, Rock Your Life, Penang, Malaysia

Enrichment Retreat II1

Sep 22-24, 2014: Due to the over whelming good response from Retreat II, Albert and I were invited to conduct a retreat program on "Enrichment Retreat III – Rock Your Life"  for a well established Beauty & Cosmetic product marketing & services organization.

The training was conducted at Hard Rock Hotel Penang as a 2 days program. The medium of this class was in Mandarin however as multilingual trainer, we presented in few languages throughout the class to ensure all participants understand our presentation as well as to fulfill 100% effectiveness of this team bonding session.  The aim of the retreat is to create awareness and understand ways on how more effective approach one should learn in handling Emotion.  The reasons for the emotion outburst and how to be more effective in managing them.

With Albert's assistant on this training, there were many hands-on activities being carried out to make the class interesting. Every single activity carries its own purpose and at the same time identified participants' challenges at work or life. 

As part of the 'Rock your Life', videos and experiential activities were carried out to remind participants about value of life.  In fact, a specially designed 'Childhood Game' was the key highlight during the retreat where everyone enjoyed tremendously. Some mentioned that 'it reminded them about their childhood' and for the younger generation, it is 'the first time I played these games'.  A memorable experience!

With our vast experience in Psychology + Management, participants are guided to reflect and understand better some of the challenges they are facing at work.

Enrichment Retreat II

We further introduced one-to-one / group couching or sms / mail  coaching session tp participants in order to further assist them after this training to breakthrough in their personal effectiveness.

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