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Effective Influencing Skills

MAR 30- 31, 2015: Effective Influencing Skills was an interesting training programme conducted at our training centre. This training mainly focused on understanding the empowerment of inner and inter communication skills.

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“Group Discussion: Handling difficult customers to achieve win-win situation”

This training focused on understanding human behavior, effective communication and going beyond emotion. Going beyond emotions emphasized on understanding how our brain works at the same time paying close attention to what our emotions tell us and gives an insight into Emotion Center. Throughout this training, the participants were given many tips and tricks on how to influence people at the same time having hands on role play practices to deal with different scenarios. During these sessions, there was lots of fun. Participants learn through doing. Participants were keen to try and participated actively and had a good laugh through the role plays. There as deep and insightful discussion throughout the session. Participants felt energised and becoming more and more confident as they went through the class.

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<p style= “Trainer’s and participants’ sharing on case studies”

This training was conducted by one of our experienced trainer Mr. Bryan Ng, who has a wide-ranging in management, psychology as well as financial knowledge. His diverse experience makes his training unique and well received by the participants. The participants finds his class very lively and cheerful and he makes sure that the participants enjoys the training whilst gaining the knowledge.

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