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Creative Excel for Productivity & Efficiency ( June 23-24, 2016)

June 23 - 24, 2016: Recently, we had completed our most popular training topic for productivity and efficiency, " Creative Excel for Productivity and Efficiency" in our training centre. This course is conducted by one of our experienced trainer, Ms Shireen Ng with decade of experience in the financial services industry. Over the years, she had conducted many public programs as well as in house training locally including clients from local company as well as MNC's, government and private sector and many more.


Unlike other normal IT program, this training focus more on how to apply the functionalities  and creatively applied it back to work. Participants were trained to leverage on Excel functions & capability  to prepare, edit and analyse any data creatively with the aids of real case problems in so the they can understand more and thus, apply it back to the work. Throughout the training, Ms Shireen used many examples, real case experienced , up to date training materials, and using a layman language in order for the participant to understand better .

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