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Creative Excel 2007 for Productivity & Efficiency

Jul 29-30, 2015: Creative Excel 2007 for Productivity & Efficiency was an in house training programme that was successfully conducted at our client premise. This training programme was a fundamental yet an important Excel entry level program that helped participants to leverage on Excel shortcut keys to increase productivity and efficiency at work.


“Peer to peer learning environment”

The major learning of this training was the tips and tricks as well as practical applications of Excel functions & ability to prepare, edit and analyse any data resourcefully. For training effectiveness, our trainer included various practical exercises and creative application of excel throughout the class. Trainer given participants a few challenges to work on that helped a lot in providing them with a better understanding on the main key features of Microsoft Excel. Participants really had a good time and enjoyed themselves at the training.


“Participants working on exercises”

Our Lead Trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng, who is the creator for this program is a unique trainer that comes with Rare Combination of Finance + Management + Psychology background! People who have attended his trainings, finds his training easy to understand, systematic and practical. He advocates practical, fun and smart learning throughout his training.

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