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Automating Financial Functions for Data Analysis and Decision Making - Mac 2016

Mar 14-15, 2016: One of our most sought after training “Automating Financial Functions for Data Analysis and Decision Making was completed successfully. In this training, participants learned to the smart tips & tricks to leverage on Excel to increase job productivity and efficiency. The case studies and challenges included in this class were tailor-made for participants with Finance and Accounting background. This is the first step for finance personnel to get the fundamental quick step before proceed to next level of training on Financial Modelling.


The course trainer, Ms. Shireen Ng, an experienced auditor and credit analyst with a decade of experience in the financial services industry. Her corporate experience in audit and financial analysis made her training very practical while she shared many of her challenges with participants and what she had done to overcome these.


" Ms Shireen Ng is a very experienced trainer making her training style very practical"

Reviews from participant:


Excel was so powerful and user friendly. I learned many relevant functions to apply at work.”


“Trainer was friendly and approachable, she taught us patiently every step to ensure we learned all the tips and tricks.”


“A very relevant and informative training. Good job.”
















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