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Advance Charting Essentials for Dashboard Reporting with MS Excel 2010

April 08-09, 2015: Advance Charting Essentials for Dashboard Reporting was another successful in-house training conducted for one of the well-known GLC. Participants were given extensive training on how to create use advance excel functions to create charts and data reports quick and effectively.

The participants attended this training were given a very good understanding on preparing and analysing the data using the right charts and also on integrating excel functions to generate dynamic charts.

advancecharting 8n9 Apr

“Participants giving their full attention and focus when our trainer, Mr. Bryan giving explanations on the charts.”

Throughout the whole training session, useful tips and tricks were shown to the participants on creating charts effectively. Not just that, the participants were given a few tasks to work on using the tips and tricks to make sure that they understand how to imply it in their work.

advancecharting 8n9 Apr 1

“Participants focusing during one of the hands-on exercise that was being conducted.”

Participants enjoyed themselves whilst gaining a lot of knowledge from the training as they found the trainer had made it so much easier for them to understand everything that were shared during the training.

This beneficial training was conducted by our veteran trainer Mr. Bryan Ng, who has diverse experience in management, finance and also in IT. His extensive experience in various skills have made his training very unique. His training on smart tips and practical applications have made it so much easier for the participants to understand and enable them to produce a good quality work.

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