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Advance Charting & Essential Dashboard for Reporting

Aug 12-13, 2015: Advance Charting Essentials for Dashboard Reporting was another successful in-house training conducted for one of our client.  Participants were given practical training on how to creatively use advance excel functions to create charts and data reports quickly and effectively. On top of that, participants were given very good understanding on preparing and analysing the data using the right charts and also on integrating excel functions to generate dynamic charts. 


“Exciting group discussion”

Our Lead Trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng, is a unique trainer that comes with Rare Combination of Finance + Management + Psychology background! People who have attended his trainings, finds his training easy to understand, systematic and practical. He advocates practical, fun and smart learning throughout his training.


Some of the feedback we received from his training:

“Last time updating charts was a nightmare, now it’s a breeze… I’ve learnt amazing excel techniques!”

“Bryan was very effective, paced the class and was very responsive. Did a good job of identifying specific needs and checking back to be sure they were addressed.”

“This is a very practical training that allows me to make quick decision and analysis with all information in one sheet”

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Creative Charting for Management Reporting

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