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5E In People Management ( August 17&18,2016)

17 & 18 Aug, 2016: We had successfully completed another public training on 5E in People Management. It is recognized that a successful leader needs to take a holistic approach to Identify and discuss today’s leadership and people management challenges. It is never too late to maximize experienced mentoring and coaching among your crew.

Our Lead Trainer, Mr Bryan Ng realized with the advancement in technology and the emergence of Generation Y work force, leaders facing even more challenges now. In this training, he shared many of his experience on leveraging the 5Es- Envision, Energise, Enable, Enforcement, Empowerment in managing subordinates.



Throughout the training, trainer incorporated various real-life case studies, role play and video to test on the current thinking on managing people so that participants learned the principles of effective People Management. This training gave participants chances to tackle problem situations through pair work activities.

Our one-of-its kind trainer, Mr. Bryan Ng has been conducting training for professionals nationally and internationally in transformational leadership for the past 14 years. Being the new edge leader, his diverse experience in leadership, management, finance as well as IT knowledge makes his training unique and is very well received by many participants as they now able to link what they learnt to what is required from the management.

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