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2017 LEAP Leadership program for Evonik APEC

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12th – 14th April, 2017 (Wednesday – Friday) : APPLIED Tech People Development has successfully conducted Lab 1 of LEAP leadership program From Evonik Asia Pacific (APEC) countries eg: China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and India. Participant’s background is varying which consist of senior and new age managers with sub-ordinate reporting to them with different year of working experience. This series of Leadership program consist of 3 Labs and scheduled to complete in 5 months. This year, Lab 1 was conducted in Shanghai, China.

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The objective of the training is to enrich the level of understanding in leadership skills and technique among Evonik middle management. This program is also go deeper into the psychology level and to paradigm shift leader mindset and mis-perception in leadership before to open up a new learning for participants.  This program is designed with activities, effective role play, intense practices, discussion and sharing the ideas between team members in order to relearn and setting up back the new perspective and goal for leadership concept.

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Both of our experienced trainers, Mr. Bryan and Mr. Albert were leading and facilitating the training. Overall, an exciting and intensive learning session are successfully conducted as trainer has created a safe environment for sharing & participants felt that they have gained various leadership tools, effective insight into human behavior as well as powerful management techniques that they are ready to be applied once they are back at work. Besides, both our trainers are sharing their insightful experience and powerful debrief is also create “Ah Har” moment among participants.

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Evonik APEC 2017 LEAP Leadership Program

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