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2014 Teijin EaGLES Leadership Learning Lab, China

Oct 2014: Teijin EaGLES Leadership Learning Lab was indeed one of the most eventful training we have this year. Throughout the training, our participants are engaged and involved in various activities that served for different purpose. Those activities aimed to strengthen team work among participants and distinguish ways to adjust one’s leadership style appropriate to the situation. In this training, participants experienced and displayed the critical thinking skills as well as abilities to lead others toward common goals.

After the training, both Albert and me were invited to have dinner with all participants. On top of building a good relationship among participants and trainers, this dinner indirectly served as a session for us to evaluate our leadership transformation training, get to know more about our participants and room of improvement for our training. Our group photo of “SERIOUS” vs “CASUAL” expression.


"SERIOUS Group Photo"


"CASUAL Group Photo"

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