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1/2 day HR Talk - Maximising Return on Training Investment (March 24th, 2017)


March 24th, 2017: Applied Tech People has successfully launched our latest program called 1/2 day HR Talk - Maximising Return on Training Investment and was held in our training centre. The target audience are mainly HR practitioners, Learning & Development Managers and any personnel who need to help companies to build and develop talents.          

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The talk aims to provide insights into how a L&D manager can effectively select the right training programs that is required to close the gap in the organisation; assess trainer’s background and delivery style that will suit the targeted audience; and ensure that the learning of the training can be effectively transferred back onto the work hence maximising ROI (Return on investment) for the company.  

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Our trainer, Mr Bryan Ng has many years of training and corporate experience. He has trained in Malaysia as well as conducted many training in overseas including USA, China, Singapore, Brunei etc. His psychology background and international exposure as a trainer allows him to provide a different perspective on what to look out when selecting a training program.  

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The participants were delighted and excited to realize that they can play a bigger role in developing the people in their organisation. They could relate to Bryan’s explanation as it was truly relevant, practical and motivating.  Some were immediately build on Mr Bryan’s sharing and jotting down some ideas on what they can do to further improve their training programs.  

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Freshness in every bite, Goodness in every mind,

Motivated to learn, Train to discern.

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