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Effective Business Data Management & Analysis (Apr 18-19,2016)

Apr 18-19, 2016: Our trainer, Ms. Joanne had successfully conducted a training on Effective Business Data Management & Analysis recently. This training was one of the most popular trainings to increase participants’ productivity and efficiency.


In this training, participants learned to export data from system, clean up data, massage data for further analysis. It was a complete guide to manage huge data and turned raw data into useful data with simple steps and formulas. At the end of each modules, participants were give tips and tricks on how to relate what had been learned and applied at work. With practical exercises and challenges especially tailor-made by trainer.


The trainer, Ms Joanne Kok, a certified accountant with diverse experience in the fields of audit, manufacturing, investment holding and training. Having served as a Financial Controller during her career, she honed her managerial, operational and financial analytical skills to achieve goals beyond managing credit, inventory and business processes. Joanne’s business mindedness and attention to detail have contributed million-dollar savings to the organisations she served.


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